Progress Tracker

During the Reentry Journey you will need to stay up to date with your progress. You will need to know how far you have come, and how far you still have to go. The Progress Tracker Tool will be a visual map on your page where you can at any moment look at the exact step you are on. Please use the Progress Tracker weekly.


Community is an important part of the Reentry Journey as you will be going through many changes and you will need inspiration and support along the way. Here’s to new great friends who understand how you feel and what you are going through because they are on the same road.


The Messaging tool is all about privacy and creating the space to deepen the new friendships you made in your your news feed section. It is also a place where you can share more of your journey in a private setting with just one person instead of many.


The Reentry Process is based on the ability of the brain to make new maps in order to exit the infinite loop of loss. This process has been used thousands of times and has helped many people rebuild and reclaim their lives after loss one simple step at a time. You will start with just a few steps each week alongside new friends who are on the same path as you are. This program is highly effective when it takes place in a social setting with a lot of acknowledgement and validation being offered daily amongst the participants.