About the Life Starters


The Life Starters is an action-based social network for people who have experienced devastating loss — whether from divorce, death, illness, betrayal, war, job loss, rejection, any invisible loss or even a natural disaster.

But The Life Starters isn’t about trauma & grief. It’s about love & reinvention.

Our guiding philosophy is simple: we believe that grief can be used as a catalyst for rapid transformation & personal growth. We believe it because we’ve seen it, experienced it, and proven it — with hard data, and thousands of sweet success stories.

The Life Starters is a safe space to start over — no matter what you’ve lost, or what you’ve been through. At the core of our community is a revolutionary approach to personal transformation, called RE-ENTRY.

By working through The 5 Steps, you’re able to break the cycle of grief by training your brain to reward you for bravery, compassion & forward momentum. It's an approach that completely inverts the "old logic" about what it means to grieve & heal. It's powerful. It's collaborative. And we can’t wait to share it with YOU.

About the founder

Christina Rasmussen is on a crusade to change the way we live after loss.

As the founder of The Life Starters, Christina serves as one-part community activator, one-part director, and one-part healing revolutionary.

Before founding The Life Starters, Christina worked as a therapist & crisis intervention specialist. But after losing her husband to colon cancer, Christina experienced the agony of sudden loss, firsthand. With two daughters in tow, she began the tender process of transforming her tragedy into a new career, a renewed sense of purpose, and a life of joy & laughter.

Since then, Christina has guided thousands of people through her proven 5-Step Life Re-Entry Model. She has written a bestselling a book called — Second Firsts: Live, laugh and love again  (Hay House, 2013)

Today, Christina divides her love & energy between her community portal, The Life Starters, and Second Firsts. Her personal story & fresh approach to ‘life after loss’ has garnered international attention. She’s been featured as a Woman Working to Do Good on the White House blog, Maria Shriver, NPR, was ranked a Most Popular Blogger on The Huffington Post, and ABC News.

But as she points out, “This has never been about my story. This is about the work of Re-Entry. It’s about choosing to dance, laugh, love & live again.”

About the team

We are mothers & fathers, devoted staff members & volunteers, entrepreneurs & retirees, community activists & government leaders.

We have lost, grieved, and learned to live again — with more joy & fullness than we ever dreamed possible.

We keep The Life Starters alive & evolving. With our love. And your help.

Our Mission & Vision

We’re on a mission ...

To change the whole conversation about grief & trauma, and offer a brand new pathway to life re-ignition.

To create a gathering space for people to start over after collective loss, individual loss, unexpected loss, and unspeakable loss.

To reveal opportunities for real & radical connection — using technology as a tool to re-enter your life online, but live it offline.

To deliver our revolutionary Life Re-Entry Model right where it’s needed most — where broken hearts have not healed after loss and where no one is willing to help.

We have a vision ...

To welcome millions of Life Starters — and thousands of buddies — into our community. People who can mobilize & march into areas of need — healing themselves, as they serve the world.

To change the way action-based social networks are run — serving as an icon of efficiency, honesty, and rapid growth.

To partner with powerhouse organizations — from Fortune 100 companies to military base camps — to carry our message where it matters most.

To dazzle ourselves with our own dreams — so big, and so vast. And to trust that the right allies & partners will arrive, to lift us even higher.

We are here ...

Because time doesn’t heal. Action does.