When it's time to begin again.

A Life After Loss Community

When it's time to begin again

A Life After Loss Community

The Life Starters is ... a community of people who want to come back after loss.


Who is this for?

I know nobody can understand or know what you are going through.  There are no words or real roadmap that can ever do justice when the unthinkable has taken place. When my husband died, I truly believed that a part of me had gone insane.


About Christina

Christina Rasmussen is on a crusade to change the way we live after loss. As the founder of The Life Starters, Christina serves as one-part community activator, one-part director, and one-part healing revolutionary.

About the founder

Christina Rasmussen is on a crusade to change the way we live after loss.

As the founder of The Life Starters, Christina serves as one-part community activator, one-part director, and one-part healing revolutionary.

Before founding The Life Starters, Christina worked as a therapist & crisis intervention specialist. But after losing her husband to colon cancer, Christina experienced the agony of sudden loss, firsthand. With two daughters in tow, she began the tender process of transforming her tragedy into a new career, a renewed sense of purpose, and a life of joy & laughter.

Since then, Christina has guided thousands of people through her proven 5-Step Life Re-Entry Model. She has written a bestselling a book called — Second Firsts: Live, laugh and love again (Hay House, 2013)

Today, Christina divides her love & energy between her community portal, The Life Starters, and Second Firsts. Her personal story & fresh approach to ‘life after loss’ has garnered international attention. She’s been featured as a Woman Working to Do Good on the White House blog, Maria Shriver, NPR, was ranked a Most Popular Blogger on The Huffington Post, and ABC News.

But as she points out, “This has never been about my story. This is about the work of Re-Entry. It’s about choosing to dance, laugh, love & live again.”

The Reentry Class

The Reentry class is the foundation of the Life Starters.

6 Week Class

1 New Video Lesson
Each Week

Action Step Homework

The Life Starters experience begins with the 6 week reentry class led by Christina Rasmussen.  Each week you will receive a new video lesson, and every day you will interact with Christina and other members in the community as you complete your action step homework assignments. 

The First 6 Weeks

 The Experience

  • Weekly video lessons.
  • Daily interactions with Christina and fellow members.
  • Invitation to live coaching calls with Christina.
  • Graduate of Life Reentry Level I.

The Results

  • You will smile again.
  • You will feel free from other people's opinions about your life after loss.
  • Your self awareness will increase dramatically.
  • You will no longer be alone.
  • Your every day life now will be about new dreams, new decisions and possibly a new career.


Your New Life Begins

 The Experience

  • New relationships will enter in your life.
  • You will believe in yourself.
  • You will be helping others.
  • You will learn new skills.
  • You will be using your grief for good.

The Results

  • For the first time after your loss you will feel hope.
  • You will see yourself as a change maker.
  • You will celebrate the chance at a new life.
  • You will no longer feel invisible.


The Year Ahead

 The Experience

  • Weekly Life Starters virtual meet ups.
  • Monthly Thriver call.
  • Annual Retreat.
  • Beyond Reentry II class.

The Results

  • We believe that people who have gone through devastating losses can do impossible things.
  • You might choose to take the Reentry Practitioner class to train to help others.
  • This is the part that makes this community different.
  • We believe in giving back while we are healing.


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"I would say to anyone who is suffering a loss of anything to get your life back here in this wonderful community. For here, you will find a sacred space to heal. Here you will find love and support and compassion and understanding. Here you can rest and weep and grow strong and let the world go by whenever the need takes you. Here is love unlimited and growth and potential to be discovered."

-Elaine Taylor

“This experience has allowed me the opportunity to work through and feel the past and has given me the courage, tools, and permission to move forward towards my brand new life with hope and excitement. The community has been inspiring, loving, and healing. I am able to dream again.”

-Linda Amodeo

"Life Starters gives me direct action oriented steps that empower me without overwhelming me. This is a community that honors grief while learning to live fully again."

"The grief that comes from devastating loss is bewildering and isolating. Lifestarters addresses both these things; it gives you a roadmap to help guide you back towards the light and travelling companions who speak the language of loss and bring comfort and understanding along the way. To keep with the travel metaphors, in the stormiest of seas, Lifestarters threw me a rope and I’m holding on tight!"
- Jayne Dakin

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